Benefits of Wood + Silicone Teethers

Parents tend to worry a lot, especially when it comes to the first baby. Is she eating enough variety? Why is he making that face? What does that cry mean? What is she putting in her mouth? While you can’t control everything your baby is exposed to, you can make a simple choice to give them a natural option to help with teething.


We all want to give our baby the best. That’s why bünky makes it easy and affordable for parents to buy safe and quality wood + silicone teethers. Our wood is polished beech wood, which is naturally safe for your baby to put in their mouth. In fact, scientists have found beech wood to be one of the top three woods that have the highest rate of decreasing bacteria presence on their surface. In a study conducted by Koch et al in 2002 comparing bacterial survival on wood, plastic, and steel, they found bacteria survived longest on plastic followed by stainless steel. Wood is naturally antibacterial!


Not only is our wood antibacterial, our silicone is antimicrobial; so you can feel good about our teethers. You will have peace of mind knowing you are not exposing your child to synthetic materials and chemicals that might be found in plastic and rubber. We want to make sure our teething products are not only safe and natural but also environmentally friendly which is why the wood we use in our bünky teethers are FSC certified. To be FSC certified means our wood has been proven to come from a safe and sustainable farm.


 Parenting isn’t easy so make your teether choice one less thing to worry about. Shop our teether collection today!