Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a lovely and memorable day for moms and children! And after the past year, we know every mom deserves an award and a special day  – whether with the family or time away on your own we hope it's a great day.

So where did Mother’s Day come from and what is the history? Many call this day a hallmark holiday, thinking it was a modern creation. However, it started in 1914 when President Wilson declared the second Sunday in May “Mother’s Day.” Did you know that Mother’s Day is different date in other countries? Other countries like England and Taiwan celebrate Mother’s Day, but not in May! 

Need some ideas of how to spend Mother’s Day read on: 

For the breakfast lover:  Why not take a spin on breakfast in bed and head out on this day for breakfast – places get so full for lunch, so breakfast can be a great idea – especially if Mom is a breakfast lover! And after a big breakfast out, the day can be spent together with a late afternoon lunch. 

For the over worked mom:  does spa day get any better than this? Maybe Mother’s Day does not need to be spent with the kids and family, but instead taking a break from them! Some spas will offer specials on this day and it can be a great way for Mom to relax and recharge!  (spa day on a budget, bring the spa home!)

For the fitness buff mom:  spend a day doing what mom loves! Whether that is hiking, biking, running, walking, tennis, etc…plan mom’s favorite activities and have everyone participate. A day spent in nature can be a wonderful experience – and a picnic lunch always adds a nice touch. 

For the artsy mom: today would be a great day to hit a group painting class, pottery class or whatever medium mom loves. The whole family can go and create a lasting memory!

No matter what you do this Mother’s Day, we are sure Mom will love it!