Healthy Popsicles for Teething Babies (& Toddlers Too)

Popsicles are such a fun treat! Perfect for sore gums or on hot summer days and a great way to sneak in some extra fruit and veg.

It is starting to heat up in most states and I can feel summer in the air. Time to get the freezer packed with delicious frozen treats to help keep the kids cool in the hot summer sun and they are also great for any little ones teething in your household. These healthy popsicles for babies and toddlers are perfect for doing just that. They are a great size for younger kids, packed with fruit and vegetables and taste amazing.

Summer popsicles

The idea to use a madeleine cookie tin, to make these healthy popsicles for babies, came from Pinterest. I thought they were the perfect size for little ones. It is hard for babies/toddlers to get through a popsicle without it melting all over the place and I felt that these were a perfect size. They turned out well, my only complaint was that they were tricky to get out of the tin. You need to allow them to thaw slightly before trying to remove. I might try lining the tin with plastic wrap or parchment paper next time. If you don’t have a madeleine tin then you can use any popsicle mold even ice cube trays available in multiple sizes would work great.

Here are some great smoothie recipes to try as popsicles, remember it is best to puree all ingredients if your little one is not ready for chunks of food yet. 

Mango & Raspberry – yummy, sweet and delicious. Mangos are in season during the warmer months and really sweet all on their own. Don’t know how to cut a mango? Check out this video for tips How to Cut a Mango  Adding the raspberry gives a nice contrast to the sweetness as well. I find sometimes just fruit can get too hard for little ones due to the high water content, so adding a bit of yogurt can add creaminess baby will love and soften it up a bit.

Avocado & Banana – haven’t tried to introduce avocado to baby yet? Or maybe you did and it didn’t go well? Bananas can help! A nice flavor babies recognize with all the nutrients of an avocado. And remember, babies don’t mind the green color yet, they learn that a little later. Adding a bit of milk and honey can help bring this smoothie together. 

Cantaloupe & Carrots – Really – carrots have a natural sweetness and cantaloupe is plentiful in most areas right now so why not give it a try. Sometimes best to start with grated carrot or use a food processor for this one and grind the carrot a bit before adding the cantaloupe. Yogurt and maybe a little honey will also round this smoothie popsicle out nicely. 

Now popsicles are great – but messy! And sometimes baby will still need a little teething relief without the mess (car rides, shopping trips, etc…) so always good to keep a few of our teethers on hand. The all-silicone models can also be popped in the freezer. Happy Summer! 

silicone teether